The abstract series of work I am creating, is the exploration of over populated high rise living in a big city environment. The expectations of busy urbanites and their life’s aspirations, the upright climb of the social ladder or staircase to the lit door, sometimes someone waiting to receive them or trying to reach the top of the ladder through what would be a difficult journey to ultimate success in one’s life. Happy people, sad and lonely all have dreams and goals to realize in their life. The abstraction of the buildup city is relevant to the abstract energy incurred by mass living environment.


A few years back I started a series of paintings with the theme of ‘the environmental destruction’ of our land. Expressing how I feel about the damage of the land caused by the massive building construction   companies. I cannot add to my theme the progress of development, as I am still feeling the pain and devastation of the land. The trees cry, bleeding as they get uprooted and the earth once flourishing green and alive turns to dust and barren under the new concrete.